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Kung fu cinema documentaries…

Thundertijo asked me for some kung fu cinema related documentaries so I thought I’d post some…

All links lead to You Tube…

Red Trousers - A documentary focusing on the Hong Kong stunt industry.

Top Fighter 2 - A great documentary about the women of Asian action cinema.

Chang Cheh Documentary - Part 1 & Part 2 - Focuses on the life and work of the legendary director of “Five Deadly Venoms” and dozens of other classic kung fu movies.

The Art of Action: Martial Arts in the Movies - A pretty decent look at the history of kung fu cinema. Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson for some reason.

Fists of Fire - A rare 70’s documentary about the Shaw Brothers studios. Some GREAT behind the scenes footage.

Jackie Chan’s My Stunts - A cheesy but genuinely interesting look at Jackie’s style of kung fu cinema and the gimmicks he uses.

Miscellaneous documentary on kung fu cinema - The voice over is in English but, unfortunately, the subtitles aren’t.

The Best of the Martial Arts Films - Narrated by John Saxon and the first ever kung fu cinema documentary I saw. This really influenced my love of the genre. Unfortunately the picture is horrendous the sound only comes from the right channel. Fantastic watch though as it has clips from some of the greatest kung fu films ever…and some rare ones.

I hope this post helps. Enjoy!

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