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Those perhaps unfamiliar with old school kung fu films seem to think “Ip Man” is not only the greatest kung fu film of all time (it isn’t) but that it’s the definitive Wing Chun film.

Well…it’s not.

Back in ‘78 Sammo Hung got Wng Chun fever and directed “Warriors Two,” a film that strongly centered around this particular style.
He then followed it up with 1981’s “Prodigal Son” which, in my opinion is the definitive Wing Chun film.
I’m surprised it hasn’t bubbled to the surface due to Wing Chun being universally known because of Donnie Yen’s recent films but it still remains pretty unknown by people who haven’t taken a shine to the genre.

The above fight, in my opinion, is the most technically flawless fight of all time. Every move and every body part looks perfect.
I’m not saying it’s the best FIGHT of all time; I’m just saying that, choreography wise, it doesn’t get much better than this. Yes, it’s better than Ip Man’s “one against one hundred” dojo fight.
Granted, it’s under-cranked (sped up) but 80% of 70’s/80’s kung fu films are. Yup, I’ve just ruined the illusion.
The fact it’s two seriously underrated kung fu actors (Frankie Chan and Lam Ching Ying) under the fight direction of Sammo, who focuses on the principles of Wing Chun (note how Lam Ching Ying never kicks above the waist), makes this sequence incredible and it doesn’t even feature the actual star of the film, Yuen Biao.

Honestly, give this film a watch and tell me it’s not better than “Ip Man.”

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    The best scene in “Prodigal Son” Is the Calligraphy scene.
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