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I watched “Detective Dee” for the first time today and everyone’s wrong. It’s GREAT.
It makes me actually want to try watching “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” now.

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Anonymous asked: Dude Cynthia Rothrock's Hong Kong Films are amazing. Did you know she teams often with Michelle Yeow? Google it you wont regret it.

Um…I’m pretty sure Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock have on been in one film together, “Yes Madam.” Maybe two.
But yeah, her Hong Kong films are her strongest work, I’d say. They’re not all amazing but they’re definitely worth seeking out.

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Anonymous asked: Okay can you explain why Lau Kar Leung also goes by Liu Chia Liung?

Yup. Most Chinese actors and actresses have two different names because of the dialects.
Lau Kar Leung is Cantonese, while Liu Chia Liang is Mandarin. That’s the only reason, really.
The truth is most kung fu cinema actors have seven or eight names due to dialect differences.

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steelwaffle asked: Ever watched Legendary weapons of Kung Fu?

Of course. For some stupid reason I own it twice on DVD. Great film. It’s a little slow in the middle but it’s worth pushing through it for what is easily one of the greatest weapons focused finales of all time.