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When it comes to the definitive swordsmen of kung fu cinema, Adam Cheng will hold the top spot of most people’s lists. I don’t know how he does it but whenever he picks up a sword (or fan), it’s absolute visual magic.
Most peop,e would say it’s down to his choreographers but, weirdly, it’s not. It doesn’t matter who’s directing the action, Cheng always seems to move in a particular way. He’s fast as hell but also has the poise and grace of a ballerina. A ballerina who can kick a man to death.

Oddly, it’s not his film work he’s remembered for. He got his iconic role in “Shaolin and Wu Tang” alongside Gordon Liu and has been in a number of amazing Wuxia films, but it’s his tv work that’s so good.
I haven’t actually seen a lot of it because they’re always these subtitle-less shows shown in Hong Kong in 1991 at 4pm once every three Thursdays, but there are a shitload of highlight reels out there and he kills every single one of them.
This particular video is probably his best as it shows him showing off his empty handed skills as well as his sword, fan and pole techniques. And, keep it in mind, this is taken from a FUCKING TV SHOW. You won’t find stuff like this on “Sleepy Hollow.”

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Anonymous asked: Arrow is too slow, too repetitive, too unnecessarily dramatic, and most of all too much like Batman Begins. Yeah, Green Arrow was created years after Batman and only because DC wanted another character similar, but that could be portrayed in a different light, so there will be similarities right off the bat (pun not intended). Anyway, I'm assuming you dropped Avatar a long time ago? Have you checked out American Horror Story? Doctor Who, maybe? Bob's Burgers?

I made it through a season of “Avatar” and keep meaning to go back to it, but I couldn’t get over just how childish the first season was. Honestly…I struggled.
"Doctor Who" isn’t for me at all. I just don’t understand its appeal. God, I’m beginning to sound like a right grumpy twat because I feel the same way about "American Horror Story." I just found it camp and lame.

I just began watching “Transparent” and, right now, I’m loving it. I love how emotionally layered it is.

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Anonymous asked: I get the feeling with Arrow that it isn't that huge and complex yet because they are pacing it really well. Maybe instead of going all out in the early seasons then running out of ideas later on, they are really taking the time to build him and his team up, then start working on a much bigger scale.

If that proves to be the case, I might hop back on board. I think I just got burned out on its repetitiveness and found my enjoyment lessening and lessening.
If I hear good things about it in the future, I can always catch up on the season or two I miss out on.

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Granted, it’s in Cantonese so I don’t have a clue what’s being said, but this is till a pretty great behind the scenes look at Donnie Yen’s new film, “Kung Fu Jungle.”
It’s always good to see Donnie getting so hands on with the choreography. For some reason, it just makes me even more excited for the film. I’m hoping that, with an October theatrical release in China, we might get a DVD release by Christmas.

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